Clean room Validations

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Clean room Validation Service

Testing of HVAC Controlled Clean Room/Areas and LAF Cabins As the national and international regulation and standards require, air quality measurement of several HVAC-controlled fields, particularly the health sector, is made periodically. In this context; In Hospitals Surgical rooms, Intensive Care Units, Newborn Units.

Clean room tests made by UNIVERSAL Certification are fulfilled by reporting of the measurement and controls within a wide range according to ISO/EN14644 and FDA regulations along with customer criteria. The process of reporting having determined ISO Class according to the particle measurement values only implemented by non-accredited firms is not an adequate Validation Test.

Test procedures are performed according to the control parameters to be set in the following scope or according to customer needs in tests conducted by our firm, and Clean Area and LAF cabins are reported.

HEPA/ULPA Filter Impermeability Tests

  • ¬†Particle Measurement/Clean Area Classification Air Velocity
  • Filter Integrity
  • Air Flow Measurement
  • Air Flow Direction and Imaging
  • Humidity/Temperature Experiment
  • ¬†Different Pressure Experiment
  • Light and Noise Measurements
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